Vineyard Post Roll Forming Machine Vineyard Post Roll Forming Machine

Vineyard Post Roll Forming Machine

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Vineyard post roll forming machine is used for vineyard and orchard to produce the stakes and posts.

Normally grape post has 1.5-2mm thickness. So we adopted gearbox driving system to make sure our machine working stably and with long working life. At our machine, you can see each electronic material we use famous brands like YASKAWA, SIEMENS and SCHNIERDER.

If you want to make a economic machine line, we can make two grape post profiles in one line. But one time produce one profile.
The Vineyard Posts are used for piles in vineyards and gardens. Compared with cement piles, metal grape piles are easy to install and have low labor costs. The Z-shaped holes in the product are used to adjust the height of the wire as the grapes grow. The use of thick zinc layer anti-corrosion galvanized steel, because it is the world's most cost-effective commercial popular.

Steel Vineyard posts have been used in wine production since the early 1900’s, and Dingbo has been producing and supplying them since 2012.
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