Ridge Cap Machine Ridge Cap Machine

Ridge Cap Machine

Product Description
Optional Configuration
This Ridge Cap roll forming machine is used with roofing sheet and roof tile. The normal raw material is 0.3-0.8mm thickness. Normal working speed is 10-15m/min. There are many different shapes of ridge cap, we can make all kinds of machine according to your requirement and welcome to offer the profile to us. We are very professional in customizing roll forming machine.
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Working Flow
Uncoiler → Leveling → Roll forming → Hydraulic Press and Cutting → Output table
Machine Pictures
The ridge tiles are rich in color, classical and elegant, and are used in glazed tiles to add a finishing touch to modern architecture. It has light weight, high strength, good waterproof and convenient installation. Special materials or sheet thickness, the machine can be customized according to customer requirements.Can be widely used in villa roofs, urban flat slopes, tourist scenic areas and so on.
  • Decoiler
    • Manual Decoiler
    • Hydraulic Decoiler
  • Stands
    • Wall Plate
    • Casting Iron
    • Guide Post
  • Driving
    • Chain Drive
    • Gearbox Drive
  • Cutting
    • Stop Hydraulic Cutting
    • Fast Flying Cutting
  • Out Table
    • Non-Powered
    • Auto-Stacker
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