Metal Deck Roll Forming Machine Metal Deck Roll Forming Machine

Metal Deck Roll Forming Machine

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Our metal deck roll forming machine could produce floor deck, roof deck, form deck and vigacero (more popular in Peru) , losacero(more popular in Mexico) according to your drawing.

The normal machinable thickness range of our steel deck roll forming machine is 0.8-1.2mm, the standard or more used in international market is Gauge 22, 20, 18, 16 (0.75-1.5mm), working raw material is PPGI, Galvanized steel etc. We confirm machine’s configuration according to your drawing, specially the pitch and height of each wave, Dingbo Technology is always your best choice of metal deck roll forming machine.

We make different solutions according to customers’ drawing, tolerance and budget, offering professional one-to-one service, adaptable for your every need.

In Construction Industries, we are able to manufacture more machines like main channel roll forming machine, purlin roll forming machine, drywall roll forming machine, stud roll forming machine, track roll forming machine, top hat roll forming machine, clip roll forming machine, metal deck (floor deck) roll forming machine, vigacero roll forming machine, roof/wall panel roll forming machine, roof tile roll forming machine, corrugated roll forming machine,ridge cap roll forming machine,downspout roll forming machine, etc.
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Steel deck is a cold formed steel sheet supported by steel beams. Despite the fact that it is a structural component, its uniform quality can offer an attractive appearance, especially with the use of properly specified shop and field applied coatings. Steel deck is also a component of many UL and ULC approved fire rated assemblies.

Floor deck are widely used in building: the steel-structured large-scale warehouses, plants, supermarkets, shopping malls, trade markets, stadiums, holiday villages, sanatoriums, hotels, villas, residences, and different kinds of greenhouses. What's more, equipment can be designed and manufactured as customers' requests.
  • Decoiler
    • Manual Decoiler
    • Hydraulic Decoiler
  • Stands
    • Wall Plate
    • Casting Iron
    • Guide Post
  • Driving
    • Chain Drive
    • Gearbox Drive
  • Cutting
    • Stop Hydraulic Cutting
    • Fast Flying Cutting
  • Out Table
    • Non-Powered
    • Auto-Stacker
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