M Purlin Roll Forming Machine M Purlin Roll Forming Machine

M Purlin Roll Forming Machine

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The C Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine can make C purlin, Z purlin and M purlin. 
normally its material thickness is 1.5-3mm, also Maximum thickness can be according to customer requirement. 

Also we can design this machine  to  work with any size of the purlin, automatically adjustable sizes by PLC or manually adjust handle wheel to change the sheet width to get different width and height. This is much more easily than adjust the spacers and can save more time. Regarding the punching unit, we can design pre-punching unite according to your requirement. For cutting unit, you can choose the pre-cut or post-cut which is universal cutting. The driving system we adopt the gimbal /gearbox for transmission. 
M Purlin is widely used in steel structures such as purlins and wall beams. It can also be combined into building components such as roofs and supports with light weight. It can be used for light manufacturing of mechanical columns, beams and walls. M purlin is formed by roll forming of hot-rolled sheets, and is not deformed by the balance of stress during the forming process. It has the characteristics of light weight, good cross-section performance and high strength.
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