DB76 Expanded 127 HF Straight Seam Welded Tube Mill Line DB76 Expanded 127 HF Straight Seam Welded Tube Mill Line

DB76 Expanded 127 HF Straight Seam Welded Tube Mill Line

Product Description

The tube production machine/welded pipe roll forming machine is intended for manufacturing of high frequency straight seam welding tube , square tube and special shapes tube of Φ50.8mm-Φ127mm with thickness of 0.6mm-3.0mm. 

The production line adopts advanced pass technology, PLC automatic control system, with stable operation, convenient operation and repair, and reached the advanced level in the same industry in the structure and accuracy. 

Equipment from the material to tube run out, the speed adjusts according to the tube specification changing. This is tube and pipe roll forming automatic welding pipe production line.

Working Flow

Slit Coil Un-Coiler Shearing And Butter Welder Storage/ Accumulator Forming Welding Cooling Sizing Cutting Saw Run Out Table Finishing Pipe Collecting and Packaging

Technical Parameters

Raw material

Hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, galvanized steel

Wall thickness Round tube


Square tube


Width of strip steel


Tube welding speed


High frequency welder


Machine Components

1. Decoiler

2. Shear and butter welder

3. Accumulator

4. Straighener

5. Forming machine

6. Welder and cleaner

7. Cooler

8. Size mill

9. Flying saw cutter

10.Run out table

User configuration items (for reference):

Unit power standard

380V / 22V; 50HZ; three-phase four-wire system

Unit power

high frequency

300 KW

Main motor

220 KW

Unit area


High-frequency room volume


Water source

cooling pool 30m³ / 1 set high-pressure pump

Air source

1 set Air compressor

Required lifting equipment

Two 10-ton cranes

Conventional consumables

  1. High-frequency cable and unit connection
  2. Magnetic rod   3.Saw blade
Machine Pictures

Tube mill is mainly used for producing pipes for furniture industry, construction industry, home appliances. The machine can produce round tube, square tube, rectangular tube, oval tube ect.

 It also can produce half pipe, plum pipe and different shaped tube. Main applications including:

Furniture industry: Steel table tubes, Steel chair tubes, Steel bed tubes, Steel towel racks, etc.

Construction industry: Steel guardrail, steel door, steel handrail and steel window, etc.

Public facility industry: Flagpoles, outdoor sports equipment, bus and metro handrails, etc.

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