DB219 ERW Welded Tube Mill DB219 ERW Welded Tube Mill

DB219 ERW Welded Tube Mill

Product Description

Welding pipe machine is complete equipment for welding steel pipes. It rolls the strip or plate then welds the tube to steel pipes by BH welding or submerged arc welding.

Welded pipe making machine is composed of uncoiler, leveling machine, butt welder, loop, straightening machine and high frequency equipment.

Working Flow

Technical Parameters





Pipe O.D(round)




Δ3.0mm ~ 8.0mm, square tube δ≤7mm








Maximum coil weight


Machine Components


Commodity & Description



Double Head Decoiler 

1 set


Cutting and Welding machine 

1 set


Vertical Accumulator

1 set


Forming, welding and sizing unit

1 set


Main drive gear box

1 set


Cutting saw

1 set


Run-out table 

1 set


150kw tubes high frequency and DC dragger

1 set


Control System 

1 set 

Technical specification

1.Single-head hydraulic unwinding machine: This equipment is located at the forefront of the unit. When in use, the tape coil is put on the coil head, the coil head is tensioned, and the strip steel is passively pulled into the equipment for production.

  Steel strip roll width: 350-720mm;

  Steel strip coil weight: 8T

  Outside diameter of steel strip coil: ≤φ1800mm

Structural form: Cantilever single cone hydraulic expansion and contraction

Roll head expansion:φ460 ~φ520mm (can be customized according to customer requirements)

2.Feeding trolley: located under the coiler of the unwinder, used to transport the strip to the coiler.

3.Seven-roller leveling tractor: It is used to pull the strip from the uncoiling machine and to the welded pipe host.

It consists of a power part, a main part, a shovel device, an auxiliary unwinding pressure head and the like.

Power part: reducer, motor, etc. The host part is composed of machine base, frame, two pinch rollers and five leveling rollers, sliding shaft seat, pinch traction roller hydraulic lifting and pressing mechanism, etc., active roller and gear The box shaft is connected by a clutch;

The shovel board device can swing up and down, and retract back and forth.

4. Hydraulic shearing butt welding machine: The gantry hydraulic pressure plate is used to press the strip head and the strip tail for welding. There are manual adjustment centering devices before the scissors and after the welding platform to facilitate the alignment of the strip head and tail and prepare for welding. The strip pressing plate is hydraulically pressed for easy welding. The platen is equipped with an automatic wire feeding device. The ball screw is driven by a motor to drive the slider to move back and forth. The welding gun is fixed on the slider, and the proximity switch is used to control the arc starting and stop of the welding gun. The welding torch moves evenly and the welding seam is smooth and flat.

5. Ground cage spiral looper: This equipment stores a certain amount of strip steel, which is used for continuous high-speed production (including hydraulic pinch rollers, beaters, motors, etc.) when the equipment is docked with strip steel.


The looper of this machine is 8 meters in diameter and the filling speed is 120m / min.

Floor cage spiral looper & unrolling to looper floor plan

6.Main machine forming section: seven-roller leveling + eight flat-rollers + eleven vertical rollers + eight gear boxes

Host sizing section: five flat rollers + five vertical rollers + five gear boxes (including speed measuring roller device)

User configuration items (for reference)

Unit power standard

380V / 22V; 50HZ; three-phase four-wire system

Unit power

high frequency

800 KW


Main motor

460 KW

Unit area


High-frequency room volume


Water source

cooling pool 30m³ / 1 set high-pressure pump

Air source

1 set Air compressor

Required lifting equipment

Two 10-ton cranes

Conventional consumables

  1. High-frequency cable and unit connection
  2. Magnetic rod   3.Saw blade

Carbon Steel Erw Tube Mill,Tube Mill Line ,Erw Pipe Mill mainly produces stainless steel pipes used for decoration such as furniture, hand railing, household electric applicance, curtain rail, etc. 

The machine not only can make round pipe, but also square pipe, rectangle pipe, oval pipe and other irregular pipe as well.

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