DB114 Welded Carbon Steel Tube Mill DB114 Welded Carbon Steel Tube Mill

DB114 Welded Carbon Steel Tube Mill

Product Description

Welding pipe machine is complete equipment for welding steel pipes. It rolls the strip or plate then welds the tube to steel pipes by BH welding or submerged arc welding.

 Welded pipe making machine is composed of uncoiler, leveling machine, butt welder, loop, straightening machine and high frequency equipment.

Working Flow

Technical Parameters

Raw material

Carbon steel coil, galvanized steel coil, other hot or cold rolled steel coil(GB700-88/GB1591-88).


Width of Strip Steel



Maximum coil weight


Pipe size

Round pipe outside diameter



Round pipe thickness



Rectangle pipe size

40*40 - 90*90mm


Rectangle pipe thickness


Production mode


Welding Method

Argon arc welding

Production speed


Total Power

Approximately 800KW

Machine Components

1. Decoiler

2. Shear and butter welder

3. Accumulator

4. Straighener

5. Forming machine

6. Welder and cleaner

7. Cooler

8. Size mill

9. Flying saw cutter

10.Run out table

11.Pneumatic system

12.Electrical control

User configuration items (for reference):

Unit power standard

380V / 22V; 50HZ; three-phase four-wire system

Unit power

high frequency

300 KW

Main motor

200 KW

Unit area


High-frequency room volume


Water source

cooling pool 30m³ / 1 set high-pressure pump

Air source

1 set Air compressor

Required lifting equipment

Two 5-10ton cranes

Conventional consumables

  1. High-frequency cable and unit connection
  2. Magnetic rod   3.Saw blade

Water pipe , Heating pipe, Low-pressure process pipeline

Low pressure fire fighting pipeline, Sewage Pipes, Steel Scaffolding Pipe

Wire and cable protection pipe, Structural support Steel Pipe

Industrial Steel Pipes, Decoration Pipe ,Oil & Gas Pipes

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