C_U Purlin Roll Forming Machine C_U Purlin Roll Forming Machine

C_U Purlin Roll Forming Machine

Product Description
Profile Drawing
Optional Configuration
This C/U Purlin Roll Forming Machine is used to produce C shape and U shape purlins from 80-300mm of width, normally its material thickness is 1.5-3mm, also Maximum thickness can be formed at 4.0-6.0mm according to customer requirement.

Also we can design this machine  to  work with any size of the purlin, automatically adjustable sizes by PLC or manually adjust handle wheel to change the sheet width to get different width and height. This is much more easily than adjust the spacers and can save more time. Regarding the punching unit, we can design pre punching unite according to your requirement. For cutting unit, you can choose the pre-cut or post-cut which is universal cutting. The driving system we adopt the gimbal /gearbox for transmission if the raw material is thicker than 2.5mm,this is much more strong driving power and more stable when forming the purlins.

Working Flow
Manual Decoiler -- Feeding&leveling -- Punching -- Roll-forming -- Hydraulic cutting -- Discharge table
Machine Picture
C purlin can be used in the main body stress structure of the large and medium-size enterprises civil construction, like the plant, warehouse, locomotive shed, hangar, exhibition building, theatre, stadiums, roofing load-bearing load and wall surface support of the arbour.

C purlin is usually used for roofs and walls. It is best to use continuous beam structure, because the roof needs to withstand the weight of snow and wind.

Due to the failure of overlap, C purlin can only form a simple support rather than a continuous beam structure. This is why C purlin bar is mainly used for wall purlin and Z purlin for roof purlin.
Standard Shape Profile (also can be customized)
  • Decoiler
    • Manual Decoiler
    • Hydraulic Decoiler
    • Double Head Decoiler
  • Feeding
    • Leveler
    • Servo Feeder
  • Punching
    • Punching Press
    • Hydraulic Punching Station
    • Rotary Punch
  • Stands
    • Wall Plate
    • Casting Iron
    • Guide Post
  • Driving
    • Chain Drive
    • Gearbox Drive
    • Gearbox Drive With Coupling
  • Cutting
    • Saw Cutting
    • Fast Flying Cutting
  • Out Table
    • Non-Powered
    • Auto-Stacker
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