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Jiangyin Dingbo Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Wuxi and is famous for its high-quality steel and superb craftsmanship. Our main production equipment is roll forming machine, steel slitting and cut to length line, high frequency tube mill. We have 11 years of production experience. Our design engineers have been working on this machine for 20 years. We can produce simple profiles and complex cold-formed profiles with precision tolerances. We Dingbo Technology has always focused on customizing machines and will do everything we can to make this business relationship a success. With more than 11 years of experience, we make unremitting efforts to design different types of roll forming machines to meet customer's different customized needs. Our secret to producing this such precision is that our factory has its own production line, from punching moulds to forming rollers, each mechanical part is completed independently by our factory self. We strictly control the accuracy at each step from design, processing,assembling to quality control, we refuse to cut corners. Our mission is dedicated to provide one stop service for our customer, include profile design, machine design and manufacture, testing, shipping, installation and commissioning, training and after-sales service. All the machines meet international quality standards, and we have got CE, ISO certificate, etc. Our sales department is also excellent. We are proficient in machine knowledge. In addition to speaking English, we also have salespeople who speak some Spanish. Our equipment has been installed in more than 60 countries. We know well the requirements of customers who have high standards for the machine, so we will not hesitate to provide you with a two-year warranty period. If the quality problems are caused by non-human factors, we will handle it totally for free for you, so that you will have no worries after sales. Welcome to contact us for inquiry. Welcome to visit our factory. Looking forward build long term business cooperation.Thanks
How Does Dingbo Make Installation During COVID-19
How does Dingbo Technology make installation during COVID-19? Hereby Dingbo will explain how we do the installation of our roll forming machine duiring COVID-19. 1st, we will test the machine with raw material in our plant to make sure the machine running well, and set up all the parameters in the PLC and touch screen. Then we will put the machine in the size it is going to produce and adjust all the correct parameters before the shipment, so you do not need to change anything when you got this machine. 2nd, when we disassemble the machine for debug, we take pics and videos so that you know how to connect them. Each machine has its pics and videos, which can show how to connect the cables and tubes, put the oils, put together the physical structures etc, we use air plug, which is more easy for cables connections. 3rd, when you receive the equipment, we will create a WhatsApp or Wechat group, our engineer and I will be in the group to support you in any doubt. And we can do video call to guide you face to face to supply 4th, we will send a manual or instruction so that you understand all the meanings of the buttons and how to start the machine. We have achieved many successes in installing more machines during COVID-19. There is no problem with the installation of your machine. Dingbo Technology offers the best quality and the best service for our clients, especially in this situation. You don't have to wait until the COVID pass. You can produce the profiles right away with our machines. INSTALLATION VIDEO:
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